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My photographs have been used in Magazines, Museum and Gallery Catalogues, Films, Books, and Websites from around the world. Images of musicians, current affairs, architecture, and photo-collage illustrations were included in these publications.

V&A Disobedient ObjectsTimber Press

Tricycle MagazineDowntown - James Cohan Gallery

Downtown – curated by Jessica Lin Cox and William Pym of James Cohan Gallery, Downtown transposes the vibrant art scene of New York’s Lower East Side onto the contemporary cultural landscape of Shanghai, China.

Kopatz - Energiewende. Aber fair!Australian Permaculture

(V&A Disobedient Objects exhibiting catalogue, Timber Press – Landscapes of Change: Innovative Designs and Reinvented Sites By Roxi Thoren, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, James Cohan Gallery Downtown catalogue, “Energiewende. Aber fair!” (turnaround in energy policy, but fair), Pip Magazine, the Australian permaculture magazine. Not shown: France 24 Observers, Macmillan, INCONTRO MEDITERRANEO, National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Schmap London Guide,,, )